Bipea is certified ISO 9001 by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for the organization of interlaboratory comparisons in various fields: cereals, agro-industry, environment and cosmetics. Bipea is accredited by COFRAC, the French monopoly for accreditation, according to the NF EN ISO/CEI 17043 standard. The combination of the ISO-certification and this accreditation contributes to the final objective of improvement of the laboratory quality analysis.

We realize the importance of quality management for a laboratory. Having been through the same process of certification and accreditation shows how Bipea services fit the laboratories needs.

Accredited laboratories are obligated to participate to interlaboratory comparisons when those ring tests exist for the accredited parameters. Moreover, PT schemes are recommended for certified laboratories that want to evaluate the performance of their test results.

The Management of Quality is extremely important to Bipea:

June 2001: Bipea is certified according to ISO 9001 standard by the LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance) for the organization of interlaboratory comparisons in various fields: agriculture, agro-industry, contaminants, environment and cosmetics.

Our certificate of approval is FQA 9912427.

April 2004: Bipea is the first interlaboratory comparison organizer to obtain the COFRAC accreditation according to the guidelines LAB CIL REF 02.

December 2011: Bipea obtains the accreditation from COFRAC according to the standard NF EN ISO/CEI 17043.

July 2016: BIPEA is accredited by COFRAC with flexible scope according to the guidelines LAB CIL REF 08. Scope : 1-1495

The general scope of this accreditation is available on the COFRAC website www.cofrac.fr.

The exhaustive list of comparisons covered by accreditation, or detailed scope, is available here.

Please find here our range of PTS